Eating in Japan

What have we been eating in Japan? I’m a sushi girl, so for the most part I’ve been devouring delicacies like this. I enjoyed this salmon, squid and tuna today during our Hakone visit. The fish is always so fresh and soft that I barely notice its rawness. Although I will admit the eyes on … Continue reading Eating in Japan

Day 5: Sleep

“How many hours of sleep do you need?” my friend asked when we arrived five days ago. “8-10.” “Are you a baby? What’s up with that?” she joked. Listen. I know myself. I need about eight to ten hours of sleep every single night. And because I know myself, this is what I generally get. … Continue reading Day 5: Sleep

Day 4 Observations: Five Things to Remember on a Guided Tour

Recently, Dwight and I went on two wonderful guided tours. We visited six shrines and temples (Kyoto Imperial Palace, Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle, Heian Shrine, Sanjusangendo, and Kiyomizu Temple). At some point during these very important tours, I grew more interested in observing other people’s behaviors than I was in learning about the temple that … Continue reading Day 4 Observations: Five Things to Remember on a Guided Tour

Daddy-Daughter Day

Kathy and Evelyn decided to have K & E day (Boooooo!!), so it’s daddy-daughter excursion day (Yeahhh)!!!!! I love these days. “So girls where are we going?” I asked. With no pause, they said, “The Mall !” Seems like a great idea to me, so I found a mall and off we went. All our excursions … Continue reading Daddy-Daughter Day