This has to have been the longest prelude to a vacation I’ve ever experienced. On Wednesday, after driving six hours to someplace just outside Athens, Georgia (yes, yes we got lost!) to drop off the dog we drove another hour to our hotel in Atlanta. Thursday morning before the flight we stopped to visit my … Continue reading NOW FINALLY!!!!

Are we There Yet?

Nope. We’re still preparing. When you have African-American teenaged girls, it’s a good idea to invest in some braids. So yesterday, we did just that. It cuts down on morning wait time, plus they can swim and be active without worry. What’s exciting for my girls is it’s the first time either of them have … Continue reading Are we There Yet?


Passports….check, Pasemo cards…..check! It is finally time to head out on this trip.  I think I’m more excited than K and the girls, today I asked “Are you excited” K replied “Umm, I just feel like I’m going on a trip”.  Really !!!   Buddhist temples, Shinkansen, Sushi fresh from the sea, ageless culture I thought … Continue reading Finally!!!!

Kyoto: Guided Tours

My husband and I have two different vacation and tour styles. I don’t mind being one of many Americans on a crowded tour bus. I’m fine getting to know the lady from some obscure American city whose first trip out of the country is…this one. I’m cool listening to a tour guide simultaneously spew facts … Continue reading Kyoto: Guided Tours