In Search of

Last time, I mentioned my lack of inspiration to blog while here in Panama. So part of the reason is I’ve yet to find something uniquely Panamanian. Food, architecture, currency, and fashion all seem to have origins elsewhere, and they haven’t changed since they arrived. Our entire time visiting, two things have been touted as … Continue reading In Search of

Best of Panamanian Food: The Most Historical Restaurant

Panamá is good for one thing for sure…eating. Although this country has diverse eateries representing several countries, I want to begin with a local and historical restaurant: Café Coca Cola. Café Coca Cola is the oldest restaurant in Panamá. The building, which was built in the late 1800s, sits at what is considered the beginning … Continue reading Best of Panamanian Food: The Most Historical Restaurant


Last weekend, Dwight and I went to Playa Blanca to celebrate my birthday. From breakfast to dinner…from the beach to the pool, we were stared at, and I didn’t understand why. Even though we were surrounded by brown people, their eyes were glued on us as if they were observing aliens. It was the look … Continue reading ¡Gringos!