The Finale: Amsterdam

We saved Amsterdam for the finale. We could not miss the main reason most people come to the Netherlands. A forty-minute train ride from our homebase and we were there. This train was better than the others, I think. It had seating upstairs and down.   “I’m getting an Uber to the hotel this time,” K … Continue reading The Finale: Amsterdam

Netherlands Tour: Week 1

So, we’re at it again in the Netherlands. This time, there was no hesitation deciding where to go. K and I already had Croatia on the brain so that was the first choice easy peasy. The second choice became clear after watching videos, like this on YouTube. Videos like these show you different beautiful places to … Continue reading Netherlands Tour: Week 1

Costa Rican Tours

When deciding to travel abroad, tours are a great way to choose a place you’d like to visit. They help spark an interest in one option over another. Kathy and I agreed on Croatia as our first option easily— great beaches, loads of history, not overly expensive and close proximity to other interesting day trip … Continue reading Costa Rican Tours