7 Things to Know when Traveling to Venice

*We spent the weekend in Venice and thought we’d share a bit of advice for anyone who wants to go to this famous Italian city. BEFORE YOU GO Plan to spend a lot of money before you arrive. Visiting Venice is expensive. Although we were in a nearby European country, a flight from Zagreb to …


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The Finale: Amsterdam

We saved Amsterdam for the finale. We could not miss the main reason most people come to the Netherlands. A forty-minute train ride from our homebase and we were there. This train was better than the others, I think. It had seating upstairs and down.   “I’m getting an Uber to the hotel this time,” K … Continue reading The Finale: Amsterdam

Lost Belgium Tour Post

We definitely got more than we were expecting on this excursion. One thing we didn’t know, Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but it is also the headquarters of the European Union. So, this city has it all: architecture, art … okay, sorry tours … right! One more tidbit before I begin, though. Check out … Continue reading Lost Belgium Tour Post